5 Ethical Fashion Brands I Love

For many of us, the clothes we wear are the “final frontier” in shopping responsibly. It’s hard and often expensive to find ethical clothing and quite honestly, it requires a new way of approaching fashion. Instead of indulging in fast fashion, it requires us to save up and buy less, higher quality pieces. Over the past few years I’ve been searching from brands that transition from work to the weekend, knowing that my closet space is tight.

Sustainable and ethical fashion are terms that are used interchangeably, so let me define. Sustainable fashion is about how the fabrics and materials are sourced, are they organic?, deadstock?, manufacturing emissions offset? etc.

Ethical fashion is the antidote to fast fashion and can include sustainability concepts, but takes steps further to focus on the people and production: how are workers treated and compensated? if the clothes are made abroad, what certifications or auditing is taking place to ensure a safe work environment?

Here are five brands I’m loving these days.